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“Stone” – Doctor Who Fanfilm #DontBlink

As an avowed Whovian, the Weeping Angels are far and away my favorite creatures spawned from the show. It’s impossible for me to walk around statue gardens or any old parks now without thinking just once, “Did it move? Even a little bit?”

So I’ll be sending my anxiety medication bills to Doctor Who’s production company to be subsidized, since they have subsidized my fear as well.

#DontBlink indeed.


Days since waking up with “Freshmen” by The Verve Pipe stuck in my head = 3650 0

Book Review: ‘Elegant Enigmas – The Art of Edward Gorey’ by Karen Wilkin

Labels are given to people all the time. Accolades like “genius,””master,” and “virtuoso” are thrown around at times like rice at a wedding, but there are occasions when the literary title rings true. It speaks out loud not only as one word, but the subtext and meaning speaks volumes about the recipient. That perfectly describes Edward Gorey and the oft…

Music Review: RAC – Strangers (Part 2)

With my excitement completely peaked after my music review of RAC’s Strangers (Part 1), let’s dive right into Part 2 and see how it holds up. “Sixteen” and “Seventeen (feat. Pink Feathers)” are companion tracks to start off the experience. “Sixteen” is a barely one-minute long bridge into the following track with a Spanish-style guitar playing notes like raindrops against a window in my…

Gadget Review: GrillGrates

Somewhere in our past our society deemed it a necessary skill for all men to be able to grill and to master the barbecue. I didn’t grow up with an outdoor BBQ so that skill pretty much skipped a generation, but GrillGrates looks to help me immensely in making sure my son doesn’t miss out as well. There’s nothing like having a…

Tech Review – Stereo Headphones by ShareBrands

Give me a well done product and I’m a happy camper, but give me that product made by a socially-conscious company, like ShareBrands, and I’m through the roof. There are more and more of these companies that have come to the realization that being socially aware and eco-friendly is not just good ethical practice, but can generate increased revenue. There is…

Let the Political Spin Cycle Begin

So we just finished the first of many political races that will all be deemed, “the most important race of the mid-terms” or “a bellweather for the upcoming season” or some other political spin term. In Florida’s 13th Congressional District, Alex Sink (D) tried valiantly, yet unsuccessfully, to win an up-for-grabs seat away from a historically Republican district. David Jolly…