Ebola for you, Ebola for you, Ebola for EVERYONE! (Episode #10)

Listening to the folks on Fox News and talk radio, you should now be deep underground in a hazmat protected bunker waiting for Stephen King's "The Stand" to come to life. Or you could be in your room watching Disney's "Gravity Falls". I recommend the latter.


Truth, Equality, and Donkey Love (The Motley Stew Show - Episode #8)

The YouTube show continues with students fighting for education, women fighting for equality, and donkeys fighting for love. What else could you ask for in a 13-minute show?

Congress Plays Hookie (The Motley Stew Show - Episode #7)

Episode #7 is here and you might see a little difference in the video/audio quality (especially over last week...ugh.) Ranging from Deadpool to dead news outlets, it's another tasty menu of stories.

NFL Needs Anger Management (The Motley Stew Show #6)

Welcome to Episode #6 of The Motley Stew Show. I apologize for the odd sound this week. I am still playing with the new microphone and all its settings. Bear with me while I become an audio genius in the little spare time I have.