Cumberbatch is Strange, DOUBLE-MEANING! (The Motley Stew Show - Episode 12)

Marvel kills it by casting the enigmatic Cumberbatch as the even more enigmatic Dr. Strange, plus what people who really don't know about hacking think hacking looks like. 

Ebola for you, Ebola for you, Ebola for EVERYONE! (Episode #10)

Listening to the folks on Fox News and talk radio, you should now be deep underground in a hazmat protected bunker waiting for Stephen King's "The Stand" to come to life. Or you could be in your room watching Disney's "Gravity Falls". I recommend the latter.


Truth, Equality, and Donkey Love (The Motley Stew Show - Episode #8)

The YouTube show continues with students fighting for education, women fighting for equality, and donkeys fighting for love. What else could you ask for in a 13-minute show?

Congress Plays Hookie (The Motley Stew Show - Episode #7)

Episode #7 is here and you might see a little difference in the video/audio quality (especially over last week...ugh.) Ranging from Deadpool to dead news outlets, it's another tasty menu of stories.